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Gable Ends 

Covers the peak of the structure. 

Starts at: $170/end 

frame outx_edited.jpg

Openings/Frame Outs 

Openings on the sides with/without surrounding metal. Openings on the ends require surrounding metal. 

Starts at: $200/each WITHOUT surrounding metal

windows _edited.jpg


White windows. 

$200 each 

roll up doors_edited.jpg

Roll-Up Doors 

White roll-up doors available in various sizes: 

6x6: $595/each 

8x8: $710/each 

9x8: $760/each 

10x8: $785/each 

10x10: $860/each 

10x12: $1370/each 

12x8: $1380/each 

12x10: $1390/each 

12x12: $1400/each (Lull Lift Required)
12x14: $1675/each (Lull Lift Required)

special trim_edited.jpg

Specialty Trim 

J-Trim available for siding and L-Trim available for corners. 

$20/10 ft stick 

HOME 11_edited.jpg

Vertical Siding/Ends 

Metal running vertical (top to bottom) on sides and ends. 

$1.40/sq ft 

sheet metal_edited.jpg

Sheet Metal 

Offered in 1.5 feet and 3 feet panels to go on the sides. 

Starts at: $47.50 for 1.5 feet and $95 for 3 feet/panel


Enclosing Sides/Ends 

Panels going all the way down the height of building on sides and/or ends. 

Starts at: $340 for sides, $1000 for ends

walk in door _edited.jpg

Walk-In Doors 

White walk-in doors available with/without windows: $400 each 

9Lite Doors: $600 each 



Single bubble, double bubble, 2", and commercial insulation available. 

Single: $1.20/sq ft 

Double: $1.40/sq ft 

2": $1.90/sq ft 

Commercial: $3/sq ft 

colored screws.webp

Colored Screws 

Available in all colors as listed on color chart. Standard comes in galvanized. 

$100/each color 

Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 3.06_edited.jpg

Color Chart 

Sheet metal manufactured by On Time Metal offering a variety of colors for your choosing. Customers are able to select trim, roof, side/gable, and wainscoting at no extra cost. 

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